Pastor Trent and Raechel Travis are the Lead Followers of CrossPath Church here in Johnson City, Tennessee. Their greatest love is watching God build strong authentic relationships inside of people.  For over three years they have felt and followed the call to plant a life-giving church. Through a year and a half of challenging transition, God caused them to wonder what a church would look like built on the passion He gave them for connecting people through strong, healthy, authentic relationships. Out of that vision, God called them here to Johnson City to start CrossPath Church.

After receiving the initial call to ministry at 17 years old, Pastor Trent ran! He ran hard and fast to do anything BUT ministry. He spent nearly 20 years in the Fire and Emergency Medical Services; serving as an officer, paramedic, and firefighter. He did anything BUT ministry until he found he could not do anything BUT ministry. 

Together they have served in ministry for the past 14 years, serving in churches in Kentucky, Florida, and now Tennessee. The entirety of their ministry together has been working in church community and relationship building, primarily through small group ministry.  Pastor Trent has a passion for coaching people and leaders to find their gifts, passion, and purpose. Raechel has a passion for building and nurturing family structure and caring for individuals with encouragement and affirmation. Together they have found the unique ability to connect to people of all backgrounds, through helping them find their purpose through relationships.


Trent and Raechel were married in September of 2002, and God has blessed them with the honor of raising two awesome young men as sons, Ethan (2007) and Matthew (2013).