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We kind of thought #ThatBBQChurch happened by accident. But we believe calling happens when gifting meets passion. If that's the case, then it was no accident at all. It all began when we started connecting with others here in the Tri-cities and discussed starting a new church. What we found out was that we all loved BBQ almost as much as we love our church and our community, and we are pretty gifted at making it. Gift+Passion=Calling. We use that calling to provide for missions ministry here in our local community. Let us help you provide for your next gathering or event while helping the community at the same time.

That BBQ Church

We are not caterers! We serve BBQ as a mission. We do not charge a set price but serve by donation only. All proceeds from That BBQ Church go toward providing ministry and missions in our local community. We partner with other organizations and help in any way we can to provide for the needs of our community. While we do have suggested donations, you are free to pay what you wish with confidence, knowing your payment will go directly to meeting the needs of others.

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